Top 5 Gambrel Roof Home Design Ideas: Styles and Plans

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gambrel roof home designs
gambrel roof home designs

Gambrel roof home designs can be used in homes and offer a more efficient and special roofing style. The speciality of those two types is linked to the use of two slopes, which help expand the living area and the utility space.

Classic Barn Style Home

Gambrel roof barn homes are traditionally styled and boast all those practical characteristics that can make you feel like you are living in the countryside. Moreover, the outside commonly features wooden planks as an exterior and oversized doors with traditional materials and designs that reflect the farming tradition of this style. Inside, there is a liberal application of open living areas and wooden trusses that impart its functional and warm characteristics. Additionally, the gambrel roof barn home plans include two slopes on each side, offering sufficient headroom that makes it easy to design a large attic or a loft.This design gives homeowners the beauty of the barn while giving them a functional area to use in their homes; perfect for a country home.

Modern Gambrel Roof House

gambrel roof home designs
Modern gambrel roof

For those who like modern houses, including many elements of classic architecture, the choice of gambrel roof home designs is quite suitable. The exterior is sleek with large windows and new surfaces like metal or composite sidings. Looking at the interior, large windows are common in the open-concept living spaces, high ceilings and a little ornamentation give the rooms a rather lofty feel. The high slope of the gambrel roof can accommodate efficient windows to boost the inflow of light and air to the house. The second story, which includes more bedrooms or a home office, also takes terrific advantage of the space offered by the special roof.

Gambrel Roof Cottage

A gambrel roof cottage is snug and warm, and by the look of it brings the kind of comfort that only a cottage can bring. Externally, decorated with stone or bricks, dormer windows with other aesthetical features including shutters and flower boxes. Inside, while the rooms are small but sufficient, the furniture arrangements are ergonomically friendly and home accessories such as wooden carvings and traditional curtains increase the interiors’ appeal. The upper floor of such gambrel roof home plans can be used for rooms such as bedrooms due to this addition of the ceiling height and the special features of the building as a whole. This design suits people who love tiny square footage and fashionable cozy apartments with a hint of an antique feeling.

Gambrel Roof Farmhouse

gambrel roof home designs
Gambrel farmhouse roof

A gambrel roof farmhouse combines the best of country living with the practical benefits of a gambrel roof design. Additionally, the exterior typically features white clapboard siding, a wrap-around porch, and classic farmhouse details that create a welcoming and timeless look. Inside, designers have created spacious kitchens and large family rooms for gathering and entertaining, further enhancing the farmhouse aesthetic with rustic finishes. Moreover, the steep slopes of the gambrel roof create large attic spaces that are perfect for extra storage or conversion into additional living areas. Additionally, large windows throughout the home enhance natural light, creating a bright and airy environment ideal for family life.

Gambrel Roof with Garage Apartment

The combination of a gambrel roof and a garage apartment is a good option for giving more space for living to the owners. Typically, the exterior consists of a detached garage with an architectural gambrel roof, making it an addition to the main building. On the second floor, you can arrange the living area with a kitchenette, bathroom, and cozy living area for guests, additional bedrooms for rent, or elderly family members.Thus, the perceived increased ceiling height of the gambrel roof adds to the functionality of the apartment and its attractiveness on the property. This design is the practical utilization of the garage space and at the same time offers personal and separate living space.

Key Considerations for Gambrel Roof Home Designs:

  1. Materials: Use long-lasting and low-maintenance material on the roof and exterior of the house.
  2. Insulation: Proper insulation is needed to avoid energy loss because of the structure of the roof for comfort.
  3. Lighting: Increase the amount of sunlight by incorporating skylights or giant home windows at the steep slopes.
  4. Ventilation: Maintain proper air circulation in the attic to avoid the formation of dampness.
  5. Customization: There’s a lot of variation to the style; consult with an architect to design the particular look you want for the gambrel roof home.


Gambrel roof homes can be very charming and practical. Furthermore, with the ideas above, they can provide diverse styles. From the country-styled Classic Barn to the contemporary-styled Modern Gambrel, the cozy yet comfortable Cottage, the large Farmhouse, or the utilitarian Garage Apartment, each style makes the most of the space and light with its specific roof.These homes feature both traditional design elements and incorporate the latest in design, making homes attractive and functional spaces.


Q: What is the advantage of a gambrel roof?

The advantage of a gambrel roof is that it maximizes usable attic or loft space due to its double-sloped design, providing more headroom and better drainage than a traditional gable roof.

Q: What is a gambrel roof design?

A: A gambrel roof design features two different slopes on each side: a steep lower slope and a more gradual upper slope, creating a distinctive profile and providing extra headroom and usable space.

Q: What is the difference between a gambrel roof and a mansard roof?

A: A gambrel roof has two slopes on each of its two sides, whereas a mansard roof has four sides, each with two slopes. The gambrel’s lower slope is steeper, and the mansard’s lower slope is nearly vertical.


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