Matte vs glossy white kitchen cabinets – which is better?

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Matte VS Glossy white kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you need to select one option for finishing out of Matte vs glossy white kitchen cabinets. No matter what kind of remodeling you do to your kitchen or what material you use, the thing that matters the most is the flawless finishing. The perfect finishing gives you the appeal you desire and elevates the functionality of your kitchen as well. For instance, people these days prefer White Kitchen Cabinets. Thus, you may go for matte cabinets or glossy ones. Both of them have their edges and liabilities that you need to consider when finalizing things.

In case you are perplexed about selecting the perfect finish for your kitchen cabinets, you don’t need to fret. We are here to help you out. This article is focused on the benefits and drawbacks of both matte and glossy white kitchen cabinets which would assist you in deciding the best finish depending on your kitchen requirement.

Matte White Kitchen Cabinets

Matte white kitchen cabinets have elevated the interior design industry to new levels of success. Although it was not considered by people in the past, it has earned great significance these days. It is due to the stylish and contemporary look matte white kitchen cabinets provide. Unlike glossy finishes that immediately show scratches and fingerprints, this type of finishing is perfect for concealing little imperfections. Moreover, matte cabinets minimize reflection and glare, creating a clean and understated aesthetic. The neutral white color serves as a universal canvas, allowing for easy customization with diverse color schemes and design elements. Their versatile nature and unique allure make them the most desired choice for people seeking style and practicality in their kitchen.

Benefits of Matte White Kitchen Cabinets

Matte white kitchen cabinets boast various advantages that contribute to their popularity in modern home design.

Less-Evident Dirt: The most admirable thing about matte white kitchen cabinets is that they perfectly conceal all little imperfections, such as blemishes, scratches, and fingerprints. Their non-reflective surface minimizes the visibility of flaws, ensuring a consistently clean and attractive appearance.

A Consistent Color: The matte finish ensures an even color appearance by eradicating reflected light. It indicates that colors across different parts of the cabinet fronts seem identical due to the lack of reflective surfaces.

Drawback of Matte White Kitchen Cabinets

Although matte white kitchen cabinets provide various advantages, it’s paramount to consider potential disadvantages as well.

Doesn’t Reflect Light: A matte finish provides a more understated effect, but it may not be best for small or confined kitchens as the absence of light reflection can make the area appear confined.

Glossy White Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets with a high-gloss finish feature a shiny surface that reflects light. This attribute of glossy finishing makes it most preferred in kitchens, especially with white gloss cabinets. The downside is that smudges, scratches, and fingerprints are more evident due to the increased light reflection. Despite this, they are easy to clean, making perceptible flaws less of an apprehension since they can be eradicated easily. However, glossy surfaces may not suit everyone’s taste. This is because they are more suitable for trendy kitchen designs and may not complement classic styles as effectively.

Benefits of Glossy White Kitchen Cabinets

Some of the most common benefits of glossy white kitchen cabinets are.

Perfect for Small Kitchen: A high-gloss finish can visually extend a small space, making it look bigger and more ample than its actual size.

Mirror Light: The reflective nature of a high-gloss finish is perfect for small kitchens. All due to the fact that it creates a luminous surface that imparts a feeling of expanded space.

Easy Maintenance: High-gloss kitchen cabinets are easy to upkeep, a trait that people will appreciate the most. You can keep the cabinet doors and drawer fronts clean by using a non-scratch microfiber cloth.

Drawbacks of Glossy White Kitchen Cabinets

Despite providing numerous edges, there are a few drawbacks you must consider before going for this finish.

Dirt is Evident: Blemishes, dirt, and fingerprints are more apparent on a high-gloss surface in contrast to a matte or semi-gloss finish.

Matte VS Glossy White Kitchen Cabinets

The most difficult choice that homeowners have to make while revamping their kitchen cabinets is determining between matte or glossy paint. Each finish type owns its unique set of pros and cons. Here, we outline the distinctions between glossy and matte finishes for kitchen cabinets, along with some considerations to bear in mind.

Type of Finishing

Glossy paint provides a sleek texture that reflects light. It is considered best for creating an illusion of expanded size for kitchen cabinets. In contrast, matte paint offers a more understated impression, characterized by a subtle, low-sheen luster that imparts a smooth and refined feel. The choice between glossy and matte paint relies on the desired aesthetic for the kitchen cabinets.


Although glossy paint is recognized for giving a remarkable glow, it usually lacks durability and has less lustrous matte paint. On the other hand, a matte finish provides endurability.


When it comes to cleaning, matte finish paint is more uncomplicated due to its smooth yet non-reflective surface, which doesn’t attract fingerprints or smudges. Conversely, glossy paint may need extra light scrubbing for a thorough clean, but it maintains an attractive look even with routine cleaning.


Both glossy and matte paints can give a refreshed look to kitchen cabinet finishing. However, the factor that contrasts them is the variance in cost and permanence. Glossy paints are generally more expensive, while matte paints vary in price but typically offer consistent coverage and security.

     Matte White Kitchen Cabinets    

Glossy White Kitchen Cabinets

Offers endurability

Lack of durability and brilliance



Requires frequent cleaning

Easy to clean

Doesn’t reflect light

Reflects light and makes the kitchen look spacious

Final Thought!

In the matte vs glossy white kitchen cabinet debate, matte offers timeless refinement and low maintenance, while glossy provides a contemporary sheen at a potentially higher cost. The decision greatly relies on personal style choices and desired kitchen ambiance, with both finishes contributing distinct aesthetics to elevate the overall look of the space.

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