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White kitchens have always been a top choice for people in the US. Its timeless and elegant appeal gives rise to its popularity. The white kitchen versatility is not only limited to white cabinets, it also refers to white flooring, white countertops, white walls, white backsplash, or white appliances. Moreover, their welcoming nature, clean look, and ability to combine with any other color make them even more versatile. Looking at the increasing trend and enduring preference for white kitchens, selecting the right matte white kitchen cabinet hardware has become a vital consideration. This is because cabinet hardware plays a powerful role in attaining a lustrous and cohesive look. With a diversity of choices available in the market, everyone desires hardware that seamlessly complements the cabinets and contributes to an ideal finishing touch.

Top Matte White Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Styles

The hardware you choose can influence the entire aesthetic of your kitchen. Therefore, look at some of the most popular matte white kitchen cabinet hardware styles that perfectly go with matte white kitchen cabinets in terms of functionality and style. Here they are.

Oil Rubbed Bronze Cup Pulls

Cup pulls act as an alluring option, particularly well-suited for matte white kitchen cabinets. The unremitting popularity of oil-rubbed bronze as a kitchen hardware finish dates back to around 2000, and its across-the-board appeal is apparent. The subtle yet rich dark brown/bronze hue complements kitchens of any style. Consider integrating both cup pulls and cabinet latches into your design to add a bit of variety. Select cabinet door handles with a finish in dark oil-rubbed bronze for kitchens with a rustic aesthetic.

Tubular Bar Pulls

The most preferred choice for matte white kitchen cabinet hardware is the silver tubular bar pull. These pulls are sleek and uncomplicated, therefore offering both functionality and adaptability. The ideal hardware choice for white shaker doors aligns with the 5-piece flat panel construction. The unified visual captivation is emphasized when the clean lines of shaker cabinets are coupled with silver bar pulls, creating a captivating symmetry. Tubular bar cabinet pulls are considered an incredible choice as they seamlessly fit into diverse design styles varying from mid-century modern to industrial. You can harmonize your kitchen style with satin nickel, polished brass, and an assortment of colors.

Flat Bar Pulls

Flat bar pulls are another famous hardware option for white cabinets. It is considered suitable for both cabinet doors and drawers to acquire a harmonious appearance. With a slightly more modern aesthetic, these pulls are perfect for trendy kitchens. Their minimalist design is ideal for highlighting clean lines, and their alleviation of installation and generally lower expense make them a suitable option. The flat bar pulls are available in diverse finishes, incorporating antique looks and premium metals like bronze, brass, and silver.

Glass Knobs

Glass knobs present a refined choice for matte white kitchen cabinet hardware. Whether aiming for a vintage charm for cabinets or preferring the contemplative quality of clear knobs, glass offers timeless elegance for any kitchen style. Alternatively, for budget-friendly options, you can consider acrylic knobs. Although acrylic possesses an identical appearance to glass, it is often more long-lasting and pocket-friendly. These knobs contribute to a light and tempting ambiance by pairing with glass front doors. Glass knobs are inexpensive, low-maintenance, and versatile as they smoothly integrate with various color schemes.

Classic Metal Knobs

Get a simple and tidied appearance for your kitchen cabinetry by choosing metal knobs. They are perfect for people who aim to divert visitors’ focus on other design elements, such as white subway tiles and open-shelving decor. The timeless, vintage charm of metal cabinet knobs is a top choice for classic or shaker-style kitchens. Moreover, these knobs are found in a variety of colors, like zinc and brass, that can be customized to flawlessly match your kitchen’s color scheme. This is why they are considered an ideal option for updating an aged kitchen with a more contemporary aesthetic, at budget-friendly rates.

Matte Black Handles

If you desire an industrial feel for your white cabinets, opt for black hardware to get the look. Incorporating black drawer pulls is an incredible strategy for adding contrast to the clean and uncomplicated lines of white cabinets. It gives a more bold and dramatic look to your kitchen. The contrast between matte white cabinets and matte black hardware can create a unique visual effect. This choice is exceptionally famous in modern and minimalist kitchen designs. Furthermore, they enhance the alleviation of opening drawers, contributing to both style and functionality. 

Curved Wire Cabinet Pulls

Curved wire cabinet pulls offer a functional and visually appealing solution, providing a comfortable grip. They smoothly complement almost any kitchen style, with a prevailing use in both classic and modern designs. Curved wire pulls are generally budget-friendly, providing an economical option for people who do not want to break the bank in their kitchen renovations. These pulls present universality in structure and fashion and are available in a diverse range of finishes, including chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, matte black, nickel, and brass.

Gold Drawer Cup Pulls

In a warm and radiant cabinet kitchen, the addition of gold drawer cup pulls is an excellent touch. These pulls not only streamline easy drawer opening but also present a distinct element against the straight lines of the shaker cabinetry, creating a visually exquisite impact. Opting for gold drawer cup pulls proves to be an outstanding choice for preparing the kitchen of your dreams.

Rustic Cabinet Hardware

Opt for the timeless appeal of oil-rubbed bronze to acquire a rustic hint in cabinet hardware. Bronze hardware contributes to the vintage and weathered aesthetic innate in rustic kitchens. In this kitchen, vintage bin pulls are utilized to elevate the charisma of the beautifully colored cabinets, adding an element of realism to the overall design.

Gold Cabinet Pulls

Nowadays, the prevailing and stylish choice in cabinet hardware is gold pulls. This trend is notably recognized when coupled with white or blue cabinets, imparting a bright and warm aura to the kitchen area. The pull style coordinates seamlessly with the flat and contemporary design of white cabinets, yielding an outstanding selection. The addition of a gold finish not only lends a light and fresh appearance but also adds a touch of absolute style to the area.

Final Thought!

To sum up, the preference for white kitchen cabinet hardware greatly impacts its style and functionality. Whether you lean towards modern, classic, or industrial, competent selection elevates both aesthetics and suitability. From sleek tubular bar pulls to timeless glass knobs, or even the industrial edge of black hardware, each option can boost your kitchen’s appeal. Consider your cabinet style and desired aesthetic, and with well-chosen hardware, transform your kitchen into a personalized and practical space.

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