How to Pack Glassware and Mugs for a Safe Move

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Pack Glassware and Mugs for a Safe Move

If you’re planning to move your glassware to another location, then make sure that you plan well ahead. That’s because moving your items around is tough due to all the things to keep track of. 

Moreover, having all boxes wrapped up in paper helps to avoid any mishaps during the migration. You must give us a call if anything goes wrong!

The first part of everything must be the packaging. You should wrap your boxes in brown paper that is sturdy. 

After that, add some sticky notes to your paper for an easy time-saving process. Furthermore, try not to overpack as it will cause harm to box seals.

Another thing that should be taken into mind when placing your glassware packaging is your size. Some larger items might become oversized by their weight, which could lead to damage and breakage. 

Similarly, smaller ones can also hurt you more if they spill on and land on the floor. So, make sure you calculate this beforehand so you don’t end up paying more money.

Before start packing 

Feel free to use previous boxes for the packing. Boxes can be utilized again and again, as can most pressing material. 

Paper can be filled in for pressing paper. Nonetheless, the paper could smear the glass, particularly during a long move. In any case, with this method, you’ll need to clean the boxes completely at your objective, which may be smart. Paper can be simpler to find and more reasonable than pressing paper.

Following are tips regarding how to pack glassware and mugs for the safe move:

Box Size

 For glasses and other mugs, utilize a medium-sized box as opposed to multiple boxes, which might get excessively weighty and easy to move. You’ll likewise require pressing paper, newsprint, or other delicate material — whatever can be effectively folded over each glass or set of glasses. 

You can utilize bubble wrap, yet recall that it’s difficult to reuse and costly to purchase. Different materials that are free work comparably well. Assuming you choose to utilize old papers, know that you’ll need to wash the glasses after they show up at your new home to free them from the dust. 

Same size glasses and mugs 

You’ve probably got glasses, cups, and mugs of all sizes in your cupboards. Sort them into comparable sizes for secure pressing. The good thing is if you have glasses as they can fit in each other it would be a plus point because each glass and mug will press properly and take up less space in the box.

With this method, broken chances will be minimum and you can move your items easily from one place to another place in a safe mode.

Wrap the Glasses and Mugs Properly 

Take the primary glass and put it across one of the sides of the pressing paper. Fold two pieces of paper over the glass, ensuring you line within by wrapping up the paper securely.

Assuming you have dish sets that can settle inside one another, proceed to the following stage. On the off chance that your drinkware won’t settle, as is much of the time the case with mugs, right now it is an ideal way to wrap the items with bubble wrap and secure them with a touch of tape.

Wrap two Glasses at a Time

On the off chance that you have huge pieces of paper, you can save wrapping materials by enveloping two glasses in one sheet. 

This works best assuming that the glasses are a similar size. Adhere to the above guidelines, and whenever you’ve utilized a portion of the paper sheet and the primary glass is completely wrapped and secured, add the second glass close to it and keep wrapping, stuffing the paper close into the subsequent glass’ opening.

Fill the Box

After completing the task of wrapping up the glasses and mugs. Keep filling the boxes with them in a proper way. 

While filling up the boxes make sure one thing that heavy or large glasses and mugs must be placed at the bottom of the box and the rest items must be placed at the top of the box. As a result, heavy material can bear the weight. 

Soft Layer on the top 

In this step, ensure you don’t need to stuff the box full and that you leave some space at the top for an additional soft material to take care of the glass and mugs.

Make sure that how much-folded paper you added to the lower part of the box is the very sum that you add to the top. Or is there any chance that you’re going for some cloth or different materials, pass on appropriate space to include a thick layer top.

Check and Seal the Box

Before you are about to seal the box, calmly shake the box. If did not listen to any voice of the glasses then the packing of the box is perfect. But in case there is any voice while shaking the box so box needs some more attention to get fixed properly 

When you’re done with the packing of all boxes, seal the boxes with pressing tape and mark them, noticing what’s inside and which room it has a place in. Always make a mark on the seal of the box so it would be easy to find the relevant box.

Helpful packing tips 

Following are the other tips for a secure move  .

Hire services 

When it comes to shifting the items from one place to another place such as furniture movers. If didn’t have any experience regarding the safe move of glass items, go and hire the moving services. Because glass items are usually expensive materials and with the lack of experience, there are most chances of mishaps. 

There are some pros and cons to hiring moving services  

Pros & Cones 

  • Less Hectic
  • Time-saving 
  • Experienced work 
  • Expensive 

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