Why you should go for roof replacement over roof repairs?

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Why you should go for roof replacement over roof repairs

When one is renovating their home and looking for roof replacement services anywhere, be it Alpharetta GA or Brookhaven GA, they usually debate whether to go for a replacement or a simple repair job. 

A roof can sometimes reach its end life-stage after withstanding years of drastic climate changes. Only a proper replacement will help fix it. Besides, if your roof appears old, worn-out, and has leaks, then a simple repair job will not suffice. 

If you delay installing a new roof, you may face issues in the long run. Hire a roofing inspector to assess the conditions and health of your roof and carefully listen to his advice. If he asks you to get it replaced from scratch, then do not delay the process.

Moreover, even if you are renting out a home or buying a new property, it is important to get the roof analyzed to see whether it needs replacing or not. This article will help you decide which option to go for, whether a roof repair or replacement?

What are the symptoms of a severely damaged roof?

If any of the following signs appear, do not delay hiring a roof replacement contractor: 

  • Cracked, missing, or torn apart roof shingles
  • Curled or bent roof shingles
  • Presence of excessive mould
  • Shingles that appear bald or have lost material 
  • Excessive leaks from the roof
  • Holes in the roofing base material

Why go for a roof replacement?

In addition to having a damaged roof, there are many other valid reasons one must go for a roof replacement instead of simple repairs. Some of these reasons that you should take into account are: 

Restores the damage by the storms

Weather storms such as rainfall or snowfall can damage the roof in irreparable ways. Extreme intensity winds can break roof shingles with fallen tree branches. Honestly, storm damages cannot be fixed by a simple repair job. Your roof would need replacing from scratch. 

Elevates the worth of your home

A complete roof replacement can instantly uplift the worth of your home, especially if you are planning to resell it in the near future. In addition to increasing the appeal of your home, the new homeowner will get the security that the roof will last for the coming decades. 

Resets the age of your roof 

If you are living under an asphalt shingle roof, then it has a lifetime maximum of 20 years. If 20 years have already passed, along with damages by the weather, then there is no point wasting money on repairs. Get your roof replaced and reset its age. 

An important role in home remodelling

Those homeowners who are opting for a full remodel of their home interior and exterior can never achieve perfection without a proper roof replacement. The new roof design can complement your chosen aesthetics. 

What are the setbacks of getting a roof repair?

It is difficult to find matching shingles. 

As time passes, shingles can lose their colour because of the sunlight. Hence, during repairs, it may be impossible to find shingles that match the discoloured ones. This will lead to an uneven colour tone on your roof, disturbing the overall visual appeal of your home

If work is not done properly, it can lead to long-term problems.

Even a simple roof repair requires expertise, skill, and years of experience. Otherwise, an amateur person xing your roof may end up doing more damage to it. So, you either hire someone who knows their job well or simply hire a credible roofing company to replace your roof. 

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