12 tips to save money on a long-distance moving 

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long-distance moving 

Moving from one place to another can be hectic, costly, tiresome, and difficult. All aforementioned factors can multiply if you have your house belonging to you. Further, long-distance can also multiply your expenses and annoyance.  Nevertheless, you have no other option and you have to move to your new home. But the question is how will you move which will save your moving cost. In long-distance moving, the moving expenses can be higher. However, we have collected the 12 important tips that can save your money while moving a long distance. All these tips can be discussed in detail below. 

The time frame for moving 

The very first thing that you have to understand is that the time frame of your move matters a lot. In this context, in the summer season, most people move from one place to the other. Owing to this, the cost of moving hikes almost 25% in the aforementioned season. Now, the question is whether you will not move in the summer season. The answer is no, some solutions can eradicate the expenditure on long-distance moving.

For example, you can be flexible in your moving dates. This will eradicate your cost. Further, you can choose other than the peak season to move. Instead of mid-summer, you can opt for September, which will decrease your moving cost.  Hence, you have to decide on your time frame of moving that will help you a lot to save money. 

Decrease your packing cost 

You can decrease your packing cost by packing yourself or you can take the services of your friends and family in this context. Many moving companies give the services of moving and for packing they charge extra price. However, if you will pack your belongings by yourself then this cost will be eradicated. As a result, this can also be a tip to save money for long-distance moving. 

Find free boxes for moving 

You have to collect the free boxes to eradicate the moving cost. Usually, for this purpose, you can take free boxes from the pharmacies, departmental stores, and other nearby places of shopping. They will give you free as the boxes have no use for them. 

Do the smart packing 

When you think about how to prepare for a long-distance move you think about packing. If you have packed your things smartly then it means that you have done half of your task. This smartness will eliminate a heavy portion of your cost.

For example, you have to decide what are the important things that you have to pack and what things should be part of the trash. It means that you do not need to pack everything because there are goods which are not in your use. Further, you can find cheap packing suppliers and old boxes to optimize the space. All these factors will make you pack smart which will ultimately decrease your cost of packing. 

You can organize a garage sale 

You can organize a garage sale which will give you some money on the things that are older or you do not need. As a result, from that money, you can pay the expenses of moving. Further, if you want to buy from some of them, then you can buy from the area where you are going to live. 

You can donate the extra food items to save money 

You can donate the extra food items to save money. The first thing in this regard is that you can clean your freezer from food items. This will decrease the load of your belongings which will also decrease your moving cost. Further, your food items will not perish while moving. 

You can use sheets or towels to pack some items 

Do not use packing paper to pack every item. You can use some sheets and towels to pack some items. It will also lessen your cost of moving.

Find cheap traveling ways 

This is another prominent factor to save money while moving. You have to find which way is the best for you to move. Whether you are going to hire a truck or you decide to fly from one place to the other. Try to understand every aspect of this process. You can calculate which one is economical for you. 

Booking a moving company 

The next step for you will be the booking of a moving company. In this process you have to find the best companies, then you have to negotiate with them. You will tell them about the luggage and your place to move. They will talk about the price and services they are giving. Further, you can also ask this from some other companies. They will tell you about their prices. As a result, you will select one of them according to their services and your convenience. 

You can rent a truck instead of a moving company

Instead of a moving company, you can rent a moving truck which will decrease your moving cost significantly. However, this suggestion can be viable for people who have fewer belongings. It means if you are the owner of a large house then it means your belongings can be more as compared to the person who has an apartment. In short, if you have fewer belongings then you can hire a truck rather than a moving company.

You can rent a portable container instead of moving company 

The other option can be a portable container that you can take on rent in place of a moving company. This container is a big box that can be shipped from one area to the other area. This is cheaper than a moving service. Hence you can opt for this method as well. 

You can negotiate on price with the companies 

The other step that you can take to decrease your moving expenses is a negotiation on price with the moving companies. If you try to negotiate the price there are the chances that your cost will be less and you will save the money. 

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