10 Spanish Style Home Flat Roof Design Ideas

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Spanish style flat roof homes
Spanish style flat roof homes


Spanish Roofs have a diverse range of styles that can enhance the exterior of a home. These Spanish style  homes roof also offer additional space to add special features to make your home stand out from the rest.

Green Roof or Rooftop Garden

A green roof or rooftop garden is a great improvement to the exterior of your home as it has several advantages. It works as an insulator, assisting in the regulation of temperatures within the room thereby cutting electricity bills. It helps in the management of stormwater because the plants absorb water and this eliminates the pressure placed on drainage facilities. They also provide a home to birds, insects and other animals and a calm environment that can be used for relaxation, planting flowers, plants or even fruits and vegetables.

Solar Panels

With Spanish style flat roof homes, it becomes possible to obtain the highest utility of the area by using solar panels. Normally, the flat surface of such buildings is exposed to sunlight during the day. Solar panels help reduce electricity bills by generating clean energy and can even earn income through net metering or feed-in tariffs in some regions. They support environmental sustainability since they emit less carbon in the generation of electricity as compared to conventional methods.

Outdoor Living Area

A living space is an additional area on a flat roof, which is a living space for leisure or dining and more. It provides panoramic views and also acts as a retreat from the confined areas of the indoor environment. According to your preference, you can add chairs and sofas to the area, a dining setting, shades such as umbrellas as well as pergolas, and other facilities such as a miniature kitchen or grill. This space improves livability, and immediate interaction with the environment and increases the value of your home.

Roof Access Hatch or Staircase

Adding roof access could also be in the form of a hatch or a staircase in case you plan to maintain the flat roof, do gardening or just want to ‘peep’ over the roof once in a while. They make it easier to assess the HVAC equipment, solar systems or any other structures that may be on the roof at certain intervals. An access point is an interior feature that fits the design style of your house and offers security and convenience.

Skylights or Roof Windows

In the case of a Spanish style home with a metal roof, installing skylights or roof windows will bring light to the deeper parts of structures during the day, therefore, minimizing the use of artificial lighting. Today’s skylights come in different types which include venting skylights that allow the use of natural light and fresh air and the non-venting or fixed skylights that provide maximum light.

Rainwater Harvesting System

A system can be installed on a Spanish style home roof, which gathers and stores rainwater for purposes such as watering the compound, flushing toilets or washing. This reduces the usage of municipal water to a certain extent and subsequently reduces water bills.

Pergola or Shade Structure

An area on a flat roof containing a pergola or a shade structure offers protection from the sun’s rays as well as an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It improves the functionality of the rooftop by providing an area shaded for relaxation, dining or events.

Wind Turbines or Windbreaks

Mounting small wind turbines or windbreaks on a flat roof captures wind energy or shields structures from strong winds, depending on the area and weather. Wind turbines produce electricity from natural wind power helping in providing sustainable power solutions for your home. 

Fire Pit or Fireplace

A fire pit or fireplace on a rooftop expands the functionality of the outside areas throughout winter and evenings. It offers light and comfort to people; therefore, the rooftop becomes a perfect setting for family and friends. It provides a centrality in the arrangement of seating and improves the general outlook of the rooftop space.

Outdoor Lighting

The use of lights particularly on the flat roof makes the place safe, useful and beautiful during the night.   Lamp types, which use solar or low voltage, save energy and maintain a beautiful appearance outside the house.


Spanish style homes roof do not only contribute towards the capability and flexibility of flat roofs but also towards several trends of living, concerns about the surroundings, and trends of architectural designs. When all these aspects are implemented appropriately, it is possible to turn a plain roof into a  fun living space that expands your home’s worth.


Q: Why are so many Californian houses in that Spanish style?

Spanish-style architecture became popular in California due to its Mediterranean climate similarities, historical influence from Spanish colonization.                                                                                                      Q: What are some common design features of Spanish-style homes?

Common features include stucco or adobe walls, red tile roofs, wrought iron details, arched doorways and ornamental tile work.

Q: Are flat roofs better than tiled roofs?

Tiled roofs are generally preferred over flat roofs in regions with moderate to heavy precipitation due to their better drainage .

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