15 Popular Types of Home Exterior Designs and Styles

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types of home exterior
Types of Home Exteriors Best Suited for Your Living Space

Choosing the best home exterior design types involves balancing style, functionality, and architectural harmony. Explore these 15 popular types to find the perfect fit for your aesthetic preferences and practical needs.


Colonial type of home exteriors feature exact proportions and often have brick and/or wooden exteriors with multi-paned windows. This style is ideal for anybody who has liked historical architecture and desires a traditional appearance. The main aspect of Colonial house design is its symmetry and scale, which has made it look elegant for centuries.


Cape Cod

Cape Cod houses include a steep roof, small gable windows known as dormers and a central chimney. These types of exterior home designs are ideal for people who want to live in a moderate, homely New England-style home. The majority of Cape Cod homes are small and have moderate features, which not only give them an aesthetic feel but also make them suitable for holding, especially in cold areas.


Ranch-style homes are low-rise, wide and deep houses with simple, open floor plans. These types of home exteriors are appropriate for those who wish to build big houses and can be customized. Ranch homes are flat and, therefore, provide a spacious, family-like atmosphere, which is attractive to families.


Victorian Home Exterior
Victorian Home Exterior

Details, irregular shapes, vivid tones, and gable ends mark Victorian homes’ architecture. This style is perfect for lovers of highly detailed designs and those who desire a house with a touch of history. Gothic architecture is more eye-catching because of the many ornaments that are part of the Victorian style.


Common characteristics of a Craftsman home include low-pitched roofs, wide eaves, exposed beams, and stone or wood details. These types of exterior home styles are ideal for individuals who appreciate traditional work, hand-made ornaments, and natural materials. Craftsman homes are warm and welcoming thanks to their focus on artistic quality and rejection of exaggerated details.


Spanish-style houses often have stucco walls, red roofs, arches, and wrought-iron works. These types of home exterior styles are great for those who prefer a comfortable, cozy, and sunny look. The Mediterranean concept derives its inspiration from the shores of Spain, Italy and Greece and has a luxury feel to it.


New homes have smooth surfaces, few gable roofs, and massive windows. They are most appropriate for homeowners who embrace modern design and sleek looks. Modern homes do not have fussy designs, and the interiors are not congested. They are focused on form and the ability to merge with the garden.


Farmhouse homes feature front porches, gabled roofs, and wooden cladding. These types of home exteriors are best for people who enjoy the countryside and want to embrace the rural aspect inside their homes. Farmhouse homes are comfortable and cozy due to their large front and rear porches and, more essentially, their simple and durable construction.


Tudor Home Exterior
Tudor Home Exterior

Some of the common characteristics of Tudor homes include a high-pitched gable roof, half-timbering and elongated windows in the vertical direction. These types of home exteriors are better suited for people who feel nostalgic about medieval English architecture and the old-world style. Tudor houses are easy to identify due to their distinctive features and the romantic demeanor that surrounds them.


Cottage homes are small, warm, and comfortable with a roof of thatch or shingles. These exterior home design types are perfect for those who wish to have an adorable, comfortable, and warm house to live in. The layout of Cottage homes is very private and looks as if it was taken from a fairy tale, thanks to its warm and homely appeal.


Contemporary homes incorporate both traditional and new-age designs and are often built with environmental concerns in mind. They use solar panels, advanced insulation and advanced water conservation technologies, and they are best suited for those who seek an equal integration of some styles but with an emphasis on eco-friendliness. Contemporary homes are unique, and this kind of home is designed flexibly to suit personal lifestyles.


A bungalow home has a roof that slopes low, a broad front porch and is plain and small. These types of exteriors are suitable for small families or people who want a minimalist and low-maintenance house.  The compact, single-story design ensures easy accessibility and low maintenance, making it perfect for all age groups, including seniors and young families. Due to the compact design of Bungalow homes, they are functional as well as comfortable.


Georgian homes have proportional construction and brickwork, with front porches of single or double columns. This style is particularly ideal for people who enjoy formal and elegant designs influenced by classical architecture. Georgian homes’ neoclassical style, with symmetry and grooming, alludes to a much more elegant feel.

Mid-Century Modern

Mid-century modern homes feature flat planes, extensive glazing, and the incorporation of landscape objects. These types of house exteriors are ideal for people who like the all-American look of the 1950s and 1960s and for those who prefer their homes to be open to nature. The use of glass and expansive windows in Mid-Century Modern homes makes the houses open and close to the environment.

French Country

French Country architecture includes the use of brick, stones or stucco high-pitched roofs and arched windows. These exterior home types are suitable for individuals who have a desire to have a taste of the countryside of Europe. French Country homes are one of the most beautiful and realistic home designs and help create a romantic atmosphere.


Choosing the perfect exterior style for your home is a critical decision that reflects not only your taste but also your lifestyle, financial ability, and the climate in which you live. The right exterior can enhance curb appeal, blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, and potentially increase the future value of your property. In this detailed guide, we explore various home exterior styles and provide insights to help you make an informed decision.


Q: What types of materials should I consider for creating a durable, high-quality home exterior?

A: Consider fiber cement siding, brick, stone, vinyl siding, stucco, treated wood, and metal siding for durability and low maintenance.

Q: What are some best modern home designs?

A: Top modern designs include minimalist, mid-century modern, industrial, contemporary with sustainable features, and Scandinavian styles emphasizing simplicity and functionality.

Q: Which type of cleaning is best for our home’s exterior?

A: Use pressure washing for hard surfaces like concrete and vinyl, soft washing for delicate surfaces like stucco, and mild detergent for windows and doors.

Q: How do you design an exterior design for your home?

A: Match the architectural style, choose durable materials, incorporate large windows, define entrances, enhance with landscaping, and select complementary colors and finishes.

Q: What is trending in exterior home design?

A: Trends include mixed materials, large energy-efficient windows, minimalist designs, eco-friendly features like green roofs and solar panels, dark color palettes, outdoor living spaces, and smart home technology.

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