The Ultimate Wall Arts Size Guide For Living Room

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Wall Art Size Guide

Selecting the right painting size for your living room is the most common scenario faced by several homeowners. Giving your wall art the best fit will enhance the attraction of your interior design. Simple calculations are the most convenient ways to get the perfect size of the artwork you need for your living room walls. The process of calculating the painting size is as follows:

  • Measure the length of available wall size
  • Measure the width of the available wall size
  • Multiply the length with .57 and .75
  • Multiply the width of the available wall by .57 and .75

After making these certain calculations you will be able to find the exact size of wall art or painting needed to be placed in your living room.

Choosing Wall Art By Size

Before placing any wall art or painting, you must calculate the size of the exact available space. The height of the ceiling plays a major role in making the selection of the right wall art size. The important thing is to make sure that your wall art or painting will completely fit between the length and width of your wall. The average wall art will cover the 4/7th in length and 3/4th in width of your wall. For example, if you have a wall space of 20 inches wide, then you must choose artwork or painting which must be not more than 20 inches wide.

  • Buying a canvas that covers 2/3rd to 3/4th of wall space will be more feasible for you to make a proper calculation.
  • If you have a large canvas, then it must be placed over the fireplace or in your bedroom as it will enhance and add more tone to your interior design work.
  • Remember to choose a wall art piece that is 2/3rd to 3/4th of your furniture width. And this wall art must not exceed the length of your bed or couch. 

Display Wall Arts

Most homeowners use small pieces of artwork to fill their wall space. If they are arranged irregularly, then it will give your interior design a bad look. On the other hand, placing these small pieces of art in sequence will make your interior design look awesome. If you are planning to display wall art or painting on your empty wall, then you must consider the following tips:

Buying art from the same artist

Different artists have different styles and tastes which reflects in their artwork. While you are buying artwork or painting, you must consider buying artworks of the same artists as these small pieces of the canvas will complement each other well.

Buying paintings of different sizes

Placing different sizes of paintings on your empty wall will add more attraction to your interior design. You must select wall art of different sizes, i.e. selecting artworks having size 10*16 and then placing them vertically on your wall.

Select Wall Art By Style

The most important part of making a wall art selection depends on the style of your interior. Whether your interior is modern, traditional, or simple, selecting the right wall art style will redefine your interior. The things you must consider while selecting wall art style are:

  • If you live in the middle of a bustling area and want to get relax, then selecting the wall art having beach style will bring you comfort and ease from your stress. 
  • Different home art styles are improved by selecting the perfect wall art for them. For example, modern homes benefit from black and white pieces of painting or wall art, whereas selecting a painting having a beach tone is perfect for an old coastal cottage.

Select Wall Art And Painting By Color

While selecting a wall art or painting your home you must consider your home’s existing color scheme. Two major approaches are required while selecting a wall art according to color. The first approach depends on considering one or two colors of your room for making a wall art selection. Considering the shades and tone of room color is the second major approach for making a perfect wall art selection.

Tips To Select By Interior Theme

The interior work of the house gives an attractive look to your home. When selecting a painting or wall art for your home, you must consider a wall art that will perfectly match your distinct interior theme. Sourcing and selecting the new art paintings according to your home theme will make them look more adorable and beautiful. For example, if you had a home near the coastal side, then you must prefer wall art with light, neutral, and brighter elements with small touches of blue and green color. On the other hand, if you own a mid-century home, then you must prefer buying wall art or painting with bolder colors and distinctive shapes. 

Factors To Consider While Placing A Wall Art Or Painting

When you have finally decided to give your empty wall beautiful artwork or paintwork, then you must consider these things while placing your artwork:

  • Placing at the right position
  • Getting a perfect contrast
  • Bring in the right size


Buying wall art or painting for a home is a tough job. Selecting a wall art requires considering all necessary factors which will enhance the beauty of your interior and will perfectly fit on your empty wall. Initially, the length and width of the empty wall are measured for the perfect fitting of wall art on it.

After which other factors are considered such as the color scheme of the wall, buying a painting by the same artist, placing small pieces of canvas on the wall, making a wall art selection according to the home interior, and choosing the best wall art or painting according to home style. Buying the best wall art or painting will not only enhance your interior works but will also give your home an attractive look.  

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