White Kitchen Cabinets Pros And Cons Complete Guide

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White Kitchen cabinets
White Kitchen Cabinets

Selecting the perfect style and color for kitchen cabinets has become confusing for many people. All because of the increased hype of white kitchen cabinets over the years. A survey conducted in 2022 shows the preeminence of white cabinets among the people of the USA. According to this poll, more than 41% of US residents prefer white color for their kitchen cabinets.

No one can deny the fact that white cabinets give your kitchen a sleek and aesthetic look. Moreover, these cabinets are easy to maintain. However, along with its various pros, there are some cons as well. We have gathered a comprehensive list of the benefits and drawbacks of white cabinets in your kitchen. It will hopefully assist you in choosing the right option for your kitchen remodeling.

Top 5 White Kitchen Cabinets Pros

Some of the most common reasons why white kitchen cabinets have become the top choice among people are.

Looks Clean and Crisp

White is an ageless color that never turns outdated. Moreover, it gives a very clean, crisp, and classy look to your kitchen. The most pleasing thing about white cabinets is that they go almost with every color. No matter what color and style of appliances you get, white cabinets will act as a unifying element. This is how it enhances the look of your kitchen and has become an ideal choice for people.

Reflect Light and Look Bigger

Adding white cabinets to your kitchen is considered the simplest yet cheapest way to make your kitchen look lavish and spacious. The light color captures and mirrors sunshine that results in making your kitchen look large, open, and pristine. Thus, if you desire to develop a sense of spaciousness in your small kitchen, you should prefer white cabinets.

Easy to Coordinate with other Colors

The most commendable thing about white cabinets is that they coordinate with almost every color. It gives you the freedom to choose any color of your choice for countertops, wall paint, and backsplashes. White looks like a perfect base color for them as it provides adaptability and flexibility. Furthermore, you can give a contemporary monochrome appearance with various accessories like beautiful artwork, rugs, and curtains.

Great Resale Value

If you have any plans to resell your home soon, then white cabinets are an excellent option to raise its value. It attracts people at first glance, all thanks to its classy and appealing look. Contrary, if the color does not appeal to the potential buyers, they can easily replace white with the color of their choice. Thus, go for white cabinets and boost the value of your home.

Stains are Easily Identifiable

White cabinets are considered the best choice for people who want to keep their kitchen neat, organized, and stains-free. The stains on such cabinets are easily identifiable as they differ sharply against the white backdrop. Furthermore, dark stains do not get ample time to set in. You can cleanse them even before they get a chance to become permanent. This is how white cabinets give a fresh and tempting look even after years.

Top 5 White Kitchen Cabinets Cons

Here are the top drawbacks of white kitchen cabinets.

Easier to Get Dirty

The concerning thing about white kitchen cabinets is that they get dirty easily. They do not conceal fingerprints, dust, dirt, and smudges like other color cabinets. Although it is a good thing as it encourages you to clean your kitchen daily, sometimes daunting. Anyone visiting your kitchen quickly notices any stain on them that sometimes gives others a bad impression. Therefore, it is essential to frequently clean the kitchen with white cabinets to keep it looking the best and attractive.

Kitchen May Feel Cold or Clinical

Unless other bright colors, white kitchen cabinets do not feel very inviting. It looks more like a clinic and gives a very cold feel. It is not how the kitchen is supposed to be. The kitchen is not only used for cooking meals but it is a place from where you begin and end your day with your family members. Therefore, you must choose a hue that is warm and does not give cold, clinical, or laboratory vibes.

Shows Wear and Tear

The kitchen is the most frequently used place in any home. Therefore, this place is more prone to showing wear and tear. Cuts, scratches, and scuffs are the most common effects in the kitchen. White cabinets make them more apparent and unignorable. This is why white cabinets are hard to maintain. You must go for deep cleaning and frequent maintenance assistance to keep them in good condition. Moreover, you should read all the guidelines and acknowledge the products you have to avoid while cleaning the kitchen. 

Make the Kitchen Feel Extra Bright

White cabinets, sometimes, make the kitchen look extra bright. This mostly happens when you install white cabinets in a small space kitchen. Therefore, if you want to avoid this too-bright look, you should consider adding some dark colors to your kitchen. Furthermore, the best way to keep a balance of the white cabinets’ brightness is the use of window treatments. It controls the amount of light coming into your kitchen.

Discoloration Can be an Issue

One of the major reasons people change their minds regarding white kitchen cabinets is the discoloration issue. These cabinets are likely to turn yellow or gray with time as it is natural for most white colored objects. Moreover, exposure to sunlight and various environmental conditions also lead to discoloration of white cabinets. Therefore, you should install high-quality cabinets that offer longevity and regularly clean your kitchen.

The kitchen is close to everyone’s heart. Therefore, they want to make it as welcoming as possible. Selecting the cabinets is one of the crucial decisions in kitchen remodeling as the overall look of your kitchen depends on it. There are several choices available for kitchen remodeling or cabinet colors. Make sure you select the cabinets according to your desires.

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