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At HomeFacet, We Accept

  1. Keep the emphasis on the facts and specifics rather than your opinion on the given topic.
  2. Each of your posts should have at least 1000 words. Post as many as you desire per month.
  3. Include relevant images in your writing because they offer the content with the necessary visibility and help you tell the story more effectively.
  4. The content must be 100% original and plagiarism free. (Use Quetext.com for plagiarism check)
  5. The style and format of your writing should have a single gap between sentences.
  6. Additionally, a single line break should be used between paragraphs, and paragraphs should not be indented.
  7. Consider checking your content for any grammatical or spelling mistakes before to submitting it.
  8. All contributions undergo a thorough and meticulous editorial assessment, proofreading, and procedure for changing the headline.
  9. We will call you if considerable editing is required for their paper.
  10. You are expected to write concise, well-structured phrases that are easily understood by readers.
  11. You are encouraged to avoid passive voice as much as possible in your writing.
  12. You will get a one nofollow backlink.
  13. Please send your blog at [email protected] with the subject line “Submissions” if you are a potential contributor.